We have been operating in the food service industry for years. We know about the opportunities as well as the obstacles ambitious entrepreneurs face. Whether it is a small food truck, a full-service restaurant or even a franchise system – we know how to operate efficiently and successfully.

The German food service market is fragmented and displays a comparatively low degree of professionalization, which is one of the major reasons why many promising ideas and startups fail or at best survive at low profitability. And that is what we want to change: Our mission is to nurture ambitious gastronomic entrepreneurs by enabling them to realize innovative ideas and supporting ambitious roll-out plans.


The Gustoso Group is a holding company which currently operates two successful chains of restaurants and is invested in one early stage venture. We are continuously scouting the market for up-and-coming opportunities and invite entrepreneurs to get in touch with us.

Gustoso aims to build a group of food service companies by acquiring and funding promising players in the industry. Yet Gustoso’s role is not limited to funding but we see our unique strength in combining strong sector expertise with professional investment and business skills.

By combining knowhow with funding, we want to enable the next generation of food service entrepreneurs in Germany. Gustoso does not focus on a particular niche but rather invites proposals and ideas from all sectors of the industry. In general, we are most excited by concepts that reveal the properties to quickly scale across Germany and thus display a degree of systematization. Next to our venture investments we are also screening for more typical buy-out (MBO, MBI) opportunities of proven and stable businesses in the food service industry.


Cotidiano is an all-day restaurant that operates under the tagline “Extraordinary, everyday”, describing the unique value proposition towards its customers. Cotidiano is a place that welcomes everyone at any given time and date — yet offering a unique experience and a twist to the everyday routine.

Cotidiano currently operates two prime locations in two of Munich’s hippest neighborhoods. A third Cotidiano is set to open in fall this year — followed by more in the near-term future.

Sushi Wrap

Sushi.Wrap is a chain of quick service restaurants serving hand-sized sushi rolls. The concept originates from Australia and has quickly gained popularity among European consumers. The hand-sized sushi roll is a healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

Its ingredients are carefully selected and all products are produced in-house at the highest quality. Sushi Wrap currently operates seven points of sale in Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Leipzig.

ciao bella

ciao bella isn’t just a name or a friendly way to say hello. ciao bella has the vision to prepare authentic, Italian food quick and easy, while the guest enjoys the live cooking procedure. A fresh and tasty pizza is guaranteed by the original pizza oven in the open kitchen. High quality means not using ready-made products – no matter if guests order products made of dough, pasta-sauces or pizza toppings, everything is fresh. That’s how ciao bella forms its own unique Italian restaurant quality enjoyable for everybody.

Besides Pasta with various types of sauces, ciao bella also offers home-made pizza and different types of fresh and healthy salads. Through using high-quality ingredients only the restaurants conveys a true feeling of Italian food culture and vitality.

The concept offers its guest a first-class service in a relaxing environment, as well as a friendly and time-efficient to-go counter. ciao bella stands for traditional tasty food, that is prepared within a very short time period - a special mix offered by no one else.

Ruffs Burger

RUFF'S Burger - freshness, transparency, home-made: Fresh products made from homemade ingredients, all within a transparent environment. While we prepare the best burger, you will like to watch and that's what the open kitchens intention is. At the RUFF's headquarters located in Occamstraße in Munich as well as in all our seven other restaurants. RUFF's Burger also offers event- and business catering.

We only use bavarian beef, which is freshly prepared every day, the buns are baked on site every day. The Belgian fries are of course double-fried and come with Homemade condiments. In addition to the regular menu, weekly Burger specials are offered.

The restaurants invite you to enjoy on-site, but all products are also available as take-away or can be ordered simply to your home. However: great taste for a reasonable price.